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User and Groups


By default, all users are automatically enrolled in a system-generated course via the course's Banner roster. If a student adds or drops after the start of the semester, Banner will update Blackboard with this change within 24 hours. Students cannot be manually added to a system-generated course because they will just be dropped after the next Banner feed. 

However, you can manually add users in other ways:
  • To add a user with a different role that will NOT be dropped, click here to learn about course roles and privileges.
  • Course roles include:
    • Course Builder
    • Grader
    • Guest
    • Instructor
    • Student
    • Teaching Assistant

  • If the Blackboard administrator has created a course shell for you (e.g. a merged course or a site for an organization or department), you can manually enroll students or others and they will not be affected by the Banner feed.

  • If you have many users to enroll in an administrator-created course, you can send the administrator a spreadsheet with each user's first name, last name and email address in three columns and she will batch enroll them for you.


Click here for a PDF on Getting Started with Groups.